Temporal Concepts and Formulations of Time in Tibeto-Burman Languages

Mark Turin and Ben Chung

Author Biographies

Mark Turin

Mark Turin is Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia where he is cross-appointed between the Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies and the Department of Anthropology. Dr Turin writes and teaches language reclamation, revitalization, documentation and conservation; language mapping, policies, politics and language rights; orality, archives, digital tools and technology. He is the author or co-author of four books, three travel guides, the editor of twelve volumes, and he edits a series on oral literature.

For correspondence: mark.turin@ubc.ca

Ben Chung

Benjamin Chung is a linguist and language programs assistant with the First Peoples’ Cultural Council based in British Columbia, Canada. He also works in partnership with the Heiltsuk First Nation in language revitalization and resurgence. His interests and areas of research pertain to Indigenous language pedagogies, digital tools, and language reclamation with a focus on community building. He writes on linguistic typologies and language revitalization processes.

For correspondence: benjachung@gmail.com