Journal Use Permissions


Reusing or reproducing substantial portions of any JALA content requires that borrowers request permission from The JALA. This content includes all texts, figures, tables, multimedia, and so forth. All JALA content is freely viewable, as is all peer reviewed accepted work by JALA free to publish. Despite that this material is open access, this material requires permission for reuse. As such, the following information describes procedures for use of JALA material.

Requesting Permissions

Before placing a request, please review Pre-Approved Permission Requests to determine whether permission for your reuse is necessary.

If you wish to reproduce or reuse material from JALA that will require permission, see our Guidelines for Requesting Permission page for further information regarding the submitting of a successful request.

Reusing JALA Content

If you are an author wishing to reuse material from your SAGE journal article, see our Guidelines for JALA Authors.

If you wish to reuse an Open Access article under a Creative Commons License, visit the page on Reusing Open Access for guidelines.