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File types

Only electronic files conforming to JALA guidelines will be accepted. Preferred formats for the manuscript text and tables are Word DOC, RTF, XLS. Please also view the additional guidelines on submitting artwork section. Authors will find templates on the Manuscript Submission Guidelines page of the Author Gateway.

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Word Limits

There are no strict word limits, for some articles 6,000 might be all they need while other need 10,000 (maximum). But the editors ask that writing be parsimonious, arguments be tight, and anything not clearly within the framing of the argument be eliminated.

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Editing Style

The Journal of Asian Linguistic Anthropology conforms to the APA style of editing and manuscript preparation. Click here at https://www.apastyle.org/  to review APA guidelines.

Reference Style

The Journal of Asian Linguistic Anthropology adheres to the APA reference style. Click here at https://www.apastyle.org/  to review these guidelines.

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Manuscript preparation

The text should be double-spaced throughout and with a minimum of 3cm for left and right hand margins and 3cm at the header and footer. Text should be evenly between 10 to 12 point.

Title, Keywords, Abstracts

The title, keywords and abstract intend to greatly assist readers to locate the article through search engines. Please consider effective wording and selections so to strengthen these items.

Corresponding Author details

Please provide full contact details for the corresponding author. These include email, mailing address, and telephone contact number. Academic affiliations are required for all authors, and here, details should be separated from the main text of the article, for reasons of anonymous peer review.

Guidelines for submitting artwork, figures and other graphics

For guidelines on preparing illustrations, pictures, graphs, and other graphical items, please visit the APA Submission Guidelines.

If you submit appropriate color figures, these figures will appear in color on the online version of the JALA. If a charge applies you will be informed by the Journal, for which you will be duly contacted.

Tables should be provided (double line-spaced) on separate sheets and their position indicated by note or markers in the appropriate position in the main text. Further to this, all tables must have short descriptions below the tables.


All line diagrams and photographs should be labeled as ‘Figures’ (1, 2, 3 etc) in the manuscript, thus numbered sequentially and consecutively. Line diagrams should be presented as complete and hence in a form suitable for immediate reproduction, where the Journal can not reproduce these. However, should authors require that the Journal reproduce these Figures, the journal will charge a fee for each item. Submitted illustrations should be of an adequate resolution, that is, at least 300 DPI. Illustrations should be supplied as TIFF, EPS, or JPG files at this high resolution. Similarly, photographs should be submitted as high quality. Authors must include relevant descriptive captions on a separate sheet, for each illustrative item.